We work with a wide range of companies. Public transport companies, distribution partners, mobility providers and service partners are all Participants in the OV-chipkaart Scheme. But scientists, international schemes and financial institutions are also among our partners.

All public transport companies in the Netherlands:

  • Arriva
  • Connexxion
  • EBS
  • GVB
  • HTM
  • NS
  • Qbuzz
  • RET
  • Syntus
  • Veolia

Distribution partners:

  • CCV
  • Mcom
  • Chipbizz

Mobility providers:

  • Mobility Mix
  • Regiecentrale
  • Radiuz
  • XXimo

Service companies:

  • RSR
  • LPR

Customer Service providers

  • Cendris
  • Xerox

National and international cooperation

Translink cooperates with a range of national and international partners to further develop the OV-chipkaart system. The OV-chipkaart is a large, national payment system, with which more than 2 billion transactions are processed every year. This makes the system an important connection point for passengers in the Netherlands. The system has been attracting major interest from scientific research groups from various backgrounds for a long time. As administrator of the system we are in consultation with all interested parties, in order to share knowledge on developments and insights. We do this through an independent forum.

We are the only service provider for the processing of public transport payments in the Netherlands. There are similar organisations all around the world and many different 'schemes', which are all at different stages. We meet periodically to share experience and improve our knowledge. The subjects range from security and chip migration to billing and rating systems. Innovations, such as NFC, are also discussed extensively.