Translink operates as the connecting force behind the OV-chipkaart. What does that mean? Not just processing 2 billion transactions per year, but much more besides. As we have now built up a wealth of experience, knowledge and data on contactless payment in public transport. We are developing a variety of innovative, well thought-out services for our customers, with a clear vision of the future. And for passengers, because they're what it's all about. Working with Translink guarantees success. You can depend on that!

Translink. The connecting force behind public transport.

Every morning it feels like we are setting off on another journey ourselves - along with the millions of people who use the OV-chipkaart. They are heading to work, to school or travelling to do whatever it is they have planned for their day, by tram, train, bus or metro. We contribute to a safe and easy journey with the OV-chipkaart and our related services. And in the future we will be making it even easier. Through the specific knowledge and expertise we have in house, as a service partner for our customers. But we never forget that each OV-chipkaart belongs to a passenger.

Our core values

  • Connecting
  • Innovating
  • Expert
  • Customer-driven


Translink is a private limited liability company. Since 2008 the shares have been held by four shareholders. Adjacent are the shareholders and the percentage of the shares held by each. Decisions are made by a majority of the votes cast. Certain decisions can only be taken if all shareholders are present.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board oversees the management of Translink. It is also tasked with approving the annual budget and important capital investments as well as adopting the annual report. The Supervisory Board is put together so as to ensure a combination of knowledge, experience and flexibility. The Supervisory Board meets at least four times a year and consists of five members: Mr. Kleijnenberg (chair), Mr. Dikkers, Mr. Morley, Mr. Unck en Mrs. Van Tooren-van der Wal. The Supervisory Board has established an Audit Committee and a Remuneration and Nomination Committee from its midst. The General Director, Arco Groothedde, is accountable to the Supervisory Board on behalf of the management team.

The governance

Customer Advisory Board
The Customer Advisory Board was established to facilitate consultation and coordination between Translink and its customers, in order to achieve user-friendly and customer-focused development and management of the OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands. Membership of the Customer Advisory Board is open to all public transport providers in the Netherlands who are Participants in the OV-chipkaart system. The Customer Advisory Board provides solicited and unsolicited advice to Translink on all its basic services for connected public transport companies. These services are described in the Framework Agreement.

There is also an OV-chipkaart Director's Consultation. This consists of representatives from the management teams at all public transport companies. This consultation covers topics relating to implementation of the OV-chipkaart. This is a temporary form of consultation and has no formal status.


The National Release Board (NRB) handles alignment and coordination of the operation on a national scale. The NRB is advised by the National Change and Advisory Board (NCAB).

Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment/Local Governments
Important authorities for us include:

  • Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. The Minister is responsible for discontinuing the national public transport ticket and therefore the withdrawal of the strip ticket. The Minister is also the client for NS. From November 2012, the Secretary of State is responsible for the Public Transport portfolio.
  • Local Governments. These are provinces and city regions and therefore also the organisations in which they are represented: the Interprovincial Consultation and the partnership between the seven city regions with regard to traffic and transport.