A decision was taken to introduce the OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands in phases. The first journey using an OV-chipkaart was made with RET in Rotterdam, at the end of 2004. The card was then gradually rolled out across the Netherlands. Below are some important milestones


  • The first interoperable journey took place in April, between RET and Connexxion in Rotterdam.


  • On 13 June Minister Karla Peijs gave the Scheme the 'go-ahead'. She decided that the OV-chipkaart would be introduced across the Netherlands in phases.
  • Full Systems Acceptance’ was granted for the OV-chipkaart. This included the fact that TLS and its shareholders had tested their systems. This took place during a pilot trial in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Here it was possible to travel on the train, metro, bus and tram. When this trial demonstrated that the system worked well, it was technologically approved by the operators and Translink.
  • Use of the OV-chipkaart by NS began in May-July (Hoekse line).
  • Use of the OV-chipkaart also began on the Amsterdam metro (GVB).


  • There were more than 100,000 OV-chipkaart users.
  • In May-July the OV-chipkaart was rolled out on RET trams and buses in Rotterdam.
  • In December an OV-chipkaart trial began in The Hague (HTM).
  • There were 1.3 million transactions a week and 2.1 million cards were produced.


  • In January an OV-chipkaart was hacked for the first time. This received a lot of media attention.
  • In February the then Secretary of State for Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Tineke Huizing, presented the OV-chipkaart Action Plan. This action plan was then continuously updated.
  • During the first quarter, equipment was installed on all Connexxion buses throughout the Netherlands. In September the system was put into operation for Connexxion in Amstelland-Meerlanden and Haarlem IJmond.


  • On 29 January the strip ticket was discontinued on the metro in Rotterdam (RET).
  • On 27 August the strip ticket was discontinued on the metro in Amsterdam (GVB).


  • On 11 February the strip ticket was discontinued in the Rotterdam city region.
  • On 3 June the strip ticket was discontinued in the Amsterdam city region.
  • At the end of the year the OV-chipkaart was introduced on Arriva trains.


  • On 16 April the OV-chipkaart was introduced in the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe and on 12 May on Syntus trains.
  • On 19 May the strip ticket was discontinued in Haaglanden and the province of South Holland, on 30 June it was discontinued in Gelderland, Overijssel, Flevoland, Friesland and North Holland and on 7 July in Limburg and Zeeland.
  • In October the OV-chipkaart was introduced on the Merwede/Linge line (Arriva).
  • On 3 November the strip ticket was discontinued in the provinces of Brabant, Utrecht, Groningen and Drenthe. This meant the end of the strip ticket.
  • In November the OV-chipkaart was introduced on the Vallei line (Connexxion).


  • In July NS phased out paper ticketing entirely, adopting OV-chipkaart for all fares.


  • We started a pilot with mobile Phone.