How can I become a customer?

Would you and your organisation like to use the OV-chipkaart system? You have two options:

  • You can connect directly to the OV-chipkaart system or
  • You can offer your services through a company that is connected.

The choice between these options depends on the kind of service you want to offer to the market. For a number of activities you must be connected directly to the OV-chipkaart system. In this case you will become a Participant in the OV-chipkaart system and a customer of TLS. You will then commence a process in which we guide you and prepare you for the role you wish to fulfil in the OV-chipkaart system.

No connection

If you would like to use the OV-chipkaart system without becoming a direct Translink customer, you can make agreements with a company that is already connected. We would still like to consult with you in this case, to ensure that cardholders' interests are always central.

Connection to the OV-chipkaart system

To ensure a smooth connection to the central OV-chipkaart system for all parties, we will guide you step by step, as our customer. A lot of attention is paid to equipping the organisation and the various processes created by the connection. Ongoing evaluations and various tests also form part of the connection process. Running tests using a number of trial users within a secure system is one of the last stages in the connection process.

Lead time

For a full connection to the OV-chipkaart system, you should factor in a lead time of around six months to a year. This depends on the role you wish to fulfil. We will plan the entire connection process in consultation with you, including an expected completion date.