Services to consumers

User convenience comes first for us. We provide services to consumers on behalf of the public transport companies. These are directly related to the convenience of using the OV-chipkaart. Customer Services that can be contacted easily by telephone and the website, for example. We deliver personal OV-chipkaarts directly to consumers. We also offer cardholders the convenience of automatic reloading and the ability to check the credit on their card and view their travel details.

Website and Customer Services

Travel using the OV-chipkaart is convenient, fast and secure. For all questions, tips, reports of loss/theft or complaints about the OV-chipkaart, consumers can go to the website or send an email at Consumers can also contact OV-chipkaart Customer Services on 0900 0980 (normal phone cost). Detailed information about use of the OV-chipkaart can be found at Here the consumer can:

  • Apply for a personal OV-chipkaart
  • Load credit
  • Find practical information about travelling with an OV-chipkaart.

Consumers can find nearby pick-up and reloading devices quickly using the address finder. Under 'Customer Services', the cardholder can manage a number of tasks quickly and easily online. These include changing personal details, applying for automatic reloading and reporting a defective card. There are also videos, folders, forms and other downloads available. There is a Questions & Answers section, where consumers can ask questions using the contact form.

My OV-chipkaart

Cardholders can apply for 'My OV-chipkaart' online. This is a personal and secure environment at The service offers cardholders the following advantages:

  • Apply for and view online transaction overviews
  • Check credit
  • Manage personal details

Other cardholder services include:

  • Apply for and make changes to automatic reloading
  • Place orders
  • Report OV-chipkaart as lost or stolen

Automatic reloading

If the cardholder has a personal OV-chipkaart, he or she can choose automatic reloading. There will then always be sufficient credit on the card to travel with. As soon as the credit on the OV-chipkaart falls below a certain amount, the credit will be automatically increased by a chosen amount (€ 10, € 20 or € 50). This amount is then debited from the cardholder's account. The cardholder gives a single authorisation for this. This can be done online or using the 'automatic reloading' application package.

Digital infrastructure

Together with our customers, we facilitate the national OV-chipkaart system. This consists of a range of different system elements connected to each other. This is the only way to ensure passengers can transfer easily between public transport companies. This is facilitated by a central processing system, which can process billions of transactions correctly and reliably. The digital, national infrastructure forms part of this. It is used to provide products, credit and services to cardholders smoothly and securely.

Picking up an order

The cardholder places an order in the Webshop at For credit, for example. Once we have received the order, this is immediately added to the digital infrastructure (NAL manager). The cardholder then presents his or her OV-chipkaart at one of the pick-up and reloading devices throughout the Netherlands. The pick-up device contacts the OV-chipkaart system and checks whether an order is available. If there is an order, the product or credit is loaded onto the OV-chipkaart. Our customers can also provide orders to be picked up in this way.