Form of identification

As well as holding travel credit and travel products, the OV-chipkaart could be used as a unique and convenient form of identification. With our special Link Manager service, an internal code for the card can be linked to services selected by the cardholder.

First users

The first users of the Translink identification service are the OV-fiets and NS-fiets bicycle sharing systems and the Greenwheels car club. Passengers can now use the OV-chipkaart as a form of identification for these services. Separate passes with a barcode or magnetic strip are no longer required.

How is the user identified?

The user links their OV-chipkaart number to their subscription with the organisation offering the service. The user can then be identified by their OV-chipkaart. If the user holds his or her OV-chipkaart to the reader or inserts it into the slot, the card will be scanned. The user will then be approved for access to the car or bicycle, for example. If the OV-chipkaart is replaced or terminated, the cardholder informs the organisation offering the service that a new card needs to be used for identification.

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