Mobile phones

Working with NS and a number of suppliers, we have carried out an internal pilot trial using mobile phones.
Mobile phones

In these pilot trials we looked at which services we could provide for cardholders using mobile phones. The aim was to investigate whether we could make the OV-chipkaart even more convenient.

Advanced technology

Until recently only special chips in plastic cards were secure enough to facilitate payment transactions. Through the gradually advancing function of mobile phones and the high acceptance levels among consumers, we expect that payment cards and phones will be integrated for specific target groups.

What is NFC?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless communication. An integrated 'chip with antenna' in your phone is an example of this. Using NFC it is possible to use a mobile phone as an OV-chipkaart, for example. But it can also be used to make wireless payments or open your car door. We expect that NFC functionality will become standard for mobile phones in the future. Direct interaction between a phone and an OV-chipkaart increases convenience for the cardholder.

Technical knowledge

During the pilot trial we gained extensive knowledge of NFC technology in combination with the OV-chipkaart. We looked specifically at whether the NFC phone can be used as a device to read and write on OV-chipkaarts. For example, checking remaining travel credit or upgrading from second to first class using an app.


During the pilot trial we worked closely with NS Reizigers, which is responsible for technical implementation and project management. TLS created a high-level design of the system. Suppliers Chess and Telexis delivered the system. NXP provided NFC phones.


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