Mobility card

With the introduction of the business OV-chipkaart, we are giving business card providers the option of offering their customers a unique total solution for employee business mobility. Business passengers can use their business OV-chipkaarts to check in and out on all public transport. The business card provider can also link additional services to the card.

Extra services

The business card provider determines which services should be connected to the business OV-chipkaart. Services through which employees can use a public transport bicycle, shared or hired car, taxi, parking and petrol, for example. We are therefore increasing convenience for business passengers even further.


The Mobility Card from Mobility Mixx is a business OV-chipkaart with a magnetic strip. The business OV-chipkaart supports all forms of public transport (train, metro, bus, tram) for business travel. The magnetic strip allows the cardholder to use a public transport bicycle, shared or hired car, taxi, petrol and parking.

Four business card providers

There are currently four mobility partners officially connected to the OV-chipkaart system. They are connected in the role of business card provider.

  • Mobility Mix
  • Radiuz
  • XXImo
  • Regiecentrale

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